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The future of clean is now.

iRobot’s cutting-edge and technologically advanced robots bring about higher levels of cleaning intelligence and optimized use to your home and gives you that freedom with a clean home.

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Meet the iRobot® family. Taking care of your home, inside and out.



Roomba - Smart to smarter.

Let our robots get the job done for you. iRobot can fix your momentary mess or a perfect daily clean.

Why worry about Mopping?

The end of mopping is here! Braava jet® m6 robot mop is technologically advanced and mops up like you would otherwise. With a Precision Jet Spray, Braava jet® m6 manages to tackle messes that are sticky, grime,* and even kitchen grease with you putting in minimal effort.

**Tested in spot clean mode.

Hey Google, ...

Why stop what you’re doing to clean? With Google, tell your robot to clean and know that it done.


Roomba 866 is almost like a member at home.

Roomba 866 is almost like a member at home. It gives us freedom from daily cleaning, especially with a toddler at home, who dirties the house before you can blink your eye! We have received compliments from our relatives on how clean our floor is- spotless and shiny like clear glass! I don't ask the household help to sweep anymore, as no one can clean as well as Roomba 866. I wish I had bought this long back. Waiting for Bravaa jet's launch in India.

Chitra Sharma - Hyderabad

It’s made our living so easy and CLEAN !!

We were skeptical to make the purchase intially, thinking whether it would suit our living/ surroundings or not. But once we saw the demo, we made up our mind and knew this is something we want being the cleanliness freaks that we are. It’s so easy to use and OMG this keeps our floors so so clean that even our maid feels it’s magic !!

Ayesha Khan and Riaz Basha

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